Currently, there are 25 Ramsar Sites in the Iran Countries according to updated by the Secretariat of Ramsar Convention. In the table below, there are the details of Ramsar Sites per city.

In Wetlands of Iran page , there are details of each of the international wetlands registered in the Ramsar Convention.

Names of registered wetlands in Iran
Name Administrative region
(Name Province)
National legal designation Area (ha)
Alagol, Ulmagol and Ajigol Lakes Mazandaran None 1,400
Amirkelayeh Lake Gilan Wildlife refuge 1,132
Anzali Wetland Complex Gilan Protected area / wildlife refuge 15,000
Bujagh National Park Gilan National Park 3,433
Choghakhor Wetland Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari No Hunting Area 1,687
Deltas of Rud-e-Gaz and Rud-e-Hara Hormuzgan None 15,000
Deltas of Rud-e-Shur, Rud-e-Shirin and Rud-e-Minab Hormuzgan None 45,000
Fereydoon Kenar, Ezbaran & Sorkh Ruds Ab-Bandans Mazandaran Non shooting area / wildlife refuge 5,427
Gavkhouni Lake and marshes of the lower Zaindeh Rud Isfahan None 43,000
Gomishan Lagoon Golestan No-hunting and no-fishing area 17,700
Gori Lake East Azarbaijan None 120
Govater Bay and Hur-e-Bahu Sistan & Baluchistan National protected area 75,000
Hamun-e-Puzak, south end Sistan & Baluchistan None 50,000
Hamun-e-Saberi & Hamun-e-Helmand Sistan & Baluchistan Protected area 927
Kanibarazan Wetland West Azarbaijan No Hunting Area 100,00
Khuran Straits Hormuzgan Protected area / UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Global international designation ) 120
Kobi Lake East Azarbaijan None 1,200
Lake Parishan and Dasht-e-Arja Fars Protected area / UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Global international designation ) 6,200
Miankaleh Peninsula, Gorgan Bay and Lapoo-Zaghmarz Ab-bandan Mazandaran Wildlife refuge / UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Global international designation ) 100,000
Neiriz Lakes & Kamjan Marshes Fars Wildlife refuge 108,000
Shadegan Marshes & mudflats of Khor-al Amaya & Khor Musa Khuzestan Wildlife refuge 400,000
Sheedvar Island Hormuzgan
 (Central Persian Gulf)
Protected region / Wildlife refuge 870
Shurgol, Yadegarlu & Dorgeh Sangi Lakes East Azarbaijan None 2,500
Urmia Lake (or Orumiyeh) West Azarbaijan National park / UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Global international designation ) 483,000
Zarivar Kurdistan Protection and Management - wildlife refuge 2,186