Tuesday 5/10/2022


Working to support the implementation activities of contracting parties for the effective management and conservation of wetland, the objectives of the Center are to:

  • Build human capacity and engage in outreach
  • Promote scientific and technical cooperation and exchange of knowledge, including traditional knowledge
  • Promote wise use of wetlands through research and sustainable management
  • Encourage accession of non-contracting parties in the region

Functions of the Center

In fulfilling the objectives, the center will:

  1. Coordinate and hold courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings at national, regional and international levels in order to expand the knowledge of wetlands and about the Convention
  2. Coordinate the establishment of a network to collect and disseminate information
  3. Promote and coordinate scientific research and study in the region in order to expand knowledge of wetland functions and values, their biodiversity and indicators of ecological characteristics, and also regarding the economic valuation and management of the ecosystems with the purpose of prompting their sustainability and conservation, including through nomination of wetlands of international importance
  4. Enter into agreements for technical cooperation, technology transfer and research with universities, research center, government and non-government agencies and other Wetland Centers at local, regional and global level
  5. Produce of information and bibliographical material where possible in a range of languages contributing to better knowledge of wetlands through printed and electronic means
  6. Develop assistance and consultation activities aimed at the study and management of the wetlands
  7. Facilitate a harmonized approach to scientific monitoring on wetlands and their components in the region, for processing, studying and exchanging relevant information to assist decision-making processes
  8. Encourage the countries in the region to establish wetland education centers