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The Wetland NGOs Meeting was held in Ramsar with the topic of Wetland Games

A two-day Meeting of National Wetland NGOs with the approach of "Wetland Games, Informal Education" was held at Ramsar Kosar Hotel.
Dr. Reza Zamani, Executive Director of the Ramsar Regional Center in Central and West Asia, announced this news and said: In this two-day workshop, which was held with participation of representatives of the country's wetland NGOs, the participants, while getting to know each other and exchanging opinions and experiences, were presented by the guest lecturers about the topics of the current wetlands related issues. They also played environmental games with the theme of wetlands.

In continuation of the meeting, which was accompanied by the participation of Dr. Zuljudi, the deputy of Marine Environment Division,  and General Director of Marine Ecosystems. Dr. Zuljudi, while listening to the representatives of NGOs, emphasized the need to hold such meetings as regular in order to use their capacity. The special guest of the opening ceremony of the meeting was Mr. Shiroud Ashurian, the governor of Ramsar City. After welcoming remarks, he expressed his hope that in this year, the event of "World Wetlands Day" will be held in Ramsar City. In another part of his speech, he said: I, as the governor and the highest representative of the government in the city, ask the NGOs to teach us to pay attention to the environment in our thoughts and executive works, so that while keeping in mind the priority of environmental standards, the livelihood of the people will also consider. Do not waver.

In the following, the Executive Director of the Ramsar Regional Center in Central and West Asia presented a report on the center's performance in the past year/s.
The introduction and announcement of the "Wetkhand [caricatures with theme of wetland]" and photo festival was also done in the final part of the opening ceremony. It is supposed that during of World Wetlands Day, and the winners of mentioned festival will be recognized and valuable prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Other programs of this two-day meeting were: Speech of the mayor of Ramsar City, a live video conference with the mayor of Bandar Khamir, the establishment of Ramsar Youth Initiation, training exercise on wetland games, presentation of bird watching and nature tourism. Visiting the Ramsar Palace Museum and also the Ramsar Regional Center Building were among the final programs of this meeting.
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